Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes far beyond placing the right keywords in your text. The architecture of the site and the information located “behind the scenes” are both important components toward optimizing for online visibility. We understand the world of SEO and constantly update our expertise in this ever-changing environment.

We take a “white-hat” approach to SEO using techniques and strategies to build long-term value for both you and your clients. We avoid “black-hat” tactics that may give you short-term boosts but hurt you in the long run. We combine our strengths in Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategy, Graphic Design, and Web Development to provide the optimal balance and best strategy for your site. You and your long-term success are our focus.

Keyword Research: You Need The Right Keywords

What keywords or phrases do most people use? Which ones do they most often use? What does the particular keyword phrase indicate about their intent and potentially how close they are to buying? All of these are critical questions and we gain a deeper understanding to the answers to these questions through Keyword Research.

Keyword research forms the basis for any SEO campaign. Once we understand the language people use to search for your products or services, we can then weave them into your content, page titles, headings, and URLs to provide the proper clues to the search engines to help your site rank higher and get more traffic.

Competitor Analysis: Understanding What Makes Your Online Competition Succeed

What makes your online competitors rank well? Is it their choice of keywords? Is it their site site structure or backlinks? Are they employing some “grey-hat” or “black hat” strategy that could potentially come back to bite them? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses where we can do better?

Understanding what boosts their rankings is invaluable in creating the strategy for your SEO campaign.

Local Search Engine Submission & Optimization: Local Businesses Need Local Traffic

Let’s face it. Getting traffic from the other side of the country doesn’t help you much if those prospects are not in your service area. Local businesses need an SEO strategy specifically geared toward driving local prospects to your website. Our Local Search Optimization service is crucial to any search-marketing program for local businesses. We get you listed in the major local directories as well as secondary local search directories. We optimize your listings and also help you with strategies for driving local traffic.

On-Going SEO Maintenance: Fine-Tuning and Maintaining Your Search Rankings

Each search engine uses its own “secret recipe” (a.k.a. search algorithm) that ultimately weighs (values) a website and gives it a ranking on the search engine results page. This is the page the visitor sees after a keyword search has been requested. The search engines are constantly altering and tuning their “secret recipe.” Upon conclusion of the search engine optimization campaign it will be important to monitor and tweak the site based on these changes.

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