Examine your website design

Remember, initial impressions of a website can have a lot to do with it’s success. A well formatted and maintained website builds trust and confidence. So, let’s take a closer look and make sure your site is still working hard for your business.

There are two perspectives to take when you do your yearly examination of the overall design of your site. One way to look at it is to make sure it’s still in good shape, still consistently formatted and functioning well. Websites should be fluid, changing and adapting as the year progresses. Chances are that there were some mistakes made as you updated and added to it. So at least once a year, it’s a good idea to check it over.

The other perspective to take is whether the design of the site is still meeting your goals, accurately conveying your message, and fitting your company culture. If not, it may be time to consider some redesigning.

Here are some items to check:


Is your site mobile friendly?

  • By now it should be clear that more and more people are visiting sites via mobile devices. Think about your audience and whether now is the time to redesign it and convert to a responsive site.

Can people still find what they are looking for?

  • Sometimes as you add things, they can clutter up the pages, distracting from the main focus. Take a look at your pages with a fresh eye. Can you take away any distracting elements? Is there a more logical place to put something you’ve added?


Is the content formatted according to the template?

  • If your website was designed to use a template, make sure that the text is formatted using the stylesheets that your web designer set up. This ensures a consistent, professional look. Also note that if the headings and subheadings haven’t been formatted properly with Heading Level 1, Heading Level 2 and so forth, that will hurt you SEO.

Is your text clear enough?

  • Is the font size adequate or is it resizeable in the browser?
  • Is the color of the text and it’s background easy on the eyes?
  • Is the line length comfortable or will the reader struggle to keep their place?
  • Is the text broken up with heads, subheads, bulleted lists, to help the reader scan through quickly?

Fonts used appropriately?

  • Check to make sure that there are not too many fonts being used. Again, consistency is good. Inconsistency sends the wrong message.
  • Does the character of the fonts chosen fit the look and feel you want to convey?


Are your images formatted properly?

  • Are they clear and high resolution?
  • Are they in the correct proportion? I’ve seen far too many websites where the photo used wasn’t the right proportion so instead of sizing it and cropping to fit, the image is distorted and stretched out to fit the space. This is especially awful when it makes people look very short and very wide.
  • Does the photography accurately convey the quality of your products? If not, consider whether its time to invest in some professional photography.

Color and Whitespace

Check the use of color.

  • Make sure that the use of color is consistent with your template.
  • Does the use of color help guide the eye to the focus of the page?
  • Does the use of color help to group things together?
  • And do the colors chosen for your site communicate the right feel to your target audience?

Have you left sufficient whitespace?

  • Whitespace helps to guide your reader through the content. If everything on the page is of equal weight, your reader won’t know where to look. Effective use of whitespace will keep them focused on your content and guide them to the call to action.

Remember, if your website’s appearance gives a bad impression, visitors may quickly move on. And if anything confuses them, they aren’t sure where to go next, or how to find what they are looking for, they might abandon your site for another. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression. Keep your website in top shape. Love your website, love your results!

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