The seventh in a series of seven essential secrets of a successful web presence

Ring the bellBe sure to include a call to action. Encourage your visitors to call, or email, download a whitepaper, subscribe to your newsletter, or participate in an upcoming event. You want to be warm, inviting, and welcoming to your visitors. Provide them with a way to connect to you and then ask them to connect.

Your call to action is a critical piece to your webpage. Help your visitor better understand what you would like for them to do and encourage them to take that next step.

Give them multiple ways to contact you:

  • Contact Us form for email communication
  • Phone number to call for more information
  • Your address and directions to be able to find you
  • The standard business hours and expected turnaround times.

Make you call to action creative; invite your visitors to respond to a special offer or for a unique service. Work to make your invitation attractive and interesting.


We hope that this guide - Seven Essential Secrets of a Successful Web Presence - has given you some real insight into developing an effective web presence. Remember:

  1. Set your goals
  2. Understand your audience
  3. Focus your content
  4. Express who you are
  5. Streamline your design
  6. Design to increase traffic
  7. And encourage your audience to respond.

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