At Katalyst Creative Group, we use a team approach to web development applying our core strengths in Graphic Design, Website Development, and Content Strategy. This way, through every step of our simplified process, we develop a 3-dimensional view of your entire project from first idea to final delivery.

Power of Three

The Power of Three: Design, Content & Development

The Katalyst Creative Group began with an idea. We wanted to take people who were already experienced in marketing communications and, combining our skills, build an agile boutique-style website development company that incorporates the expertise found in major agencies with a cost-savings for clients through lower overhead.

We began by pulling together specialists from a number of skill sets that we felt were necessary to deliver a quality site. Over the course of several months we outlined a plan that would bring our idea into reality. During that time it became clear that quality web development essentially rested in what we later called “the power of three.” Three disciplines – graphic design, website development and content strategy – were the key components present and necessary in every successful project.

Our Approach: Work Directly With the Principals

At the Katalyst Creative Group, you deal with the principals, who are involved in every project. Already successful in their specific disciplines, they have come together to form a new company with a unified vision.

KCG functions as a marketing integrator – involving experienced partners with additional skill sets, as needed, to support the creation of quality sites. We have award winning photographers and videographers as well as other professionals who know how to navigate the brave new world of social media or best practices in marketing communications.

How much does a website cost?

This is a common question today because websites come in many types and varieties. You can now build a “free” website online through a hosting service, find a “do-it-yourself” software kit, or adapt a template-style website with limited functionality. These solutions will require only a small investment of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Unfortunately, their functionality and quality is severely limited.

Companies that want to remain competitive in the digital marketplace, however, know the importance of trusting the creation of their website to experienced design and development professionals. While costs are higher, the return on investment is exponentially greater.

So how much will it cost to create a website that really works for you?

With the Katalyst Creative Group, a simple and effective basic website begins around $2,995. Features such as Search Engine Optimization, Multimedia (Photo/Video/Sound), Social Media, eMail Capture, eCommerce and other components will obviously increase the price. More complex sites can run anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 or even higher.

If you’re serious about business, you’re serious about building a professional website. Contact us today to learn why a custom site from the Katalyst Creative Group can make the difference in your online performance.

Are you the ideal client we’ve been looking for?

We know what our ideal client looks like and we’re hoping it’s you!

  • Our ideal clients are business owners, executives or marketing directors who insist on quality in everything related to their company.
  • They want to work with us as a partner rather than hire us as a vendor.
  • They enjoy collaboration, knowing that through combining our strengths their website will be an integral part of their overall marketing and branding strategy.
  • They trust our expertise in the web development process, confident that we will produce a quality product just as they do.

Are you that ideal client? Find out by calling us today to set up a meeting. Let’s begin the process together.